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What teen girls are thinking…. Words from an 8th-grade 14-year-old girl…

This is a MUST read.. Again these are not my words.. These are words that came directly from a 14 year olds Instagram post.. I reached out to her after reading and asked if I could post Anonymously and she agreed. Truthfully, I am saddened by her words and feel like there has to be something that we can do as adults to help. I will tell you, that this little girl comes from an AMAZING family, the most loving parents, loving siblings, and all around wonderful home.

I want to take a moment and Thank her for using her voice and let her know how proud I am of her for speaking up and being heard.. You are a Strong girl for sharing.

It is our responsibility as parents to stand up with our children and help them fight this fight they are dealing with. Trust me when I say, I thought taking social media away and taking the phones, but unfortunately this will follow them into adulthood and we need to STOP this insanity.

Her words….

Kids these days… Our generation isn’t the same as it used to be, us kids have a hard time, we struggle from depression, body image, ED, everything, but we always have to be “perfect” “enough” for other people. Us has Us isn’t enough for other people there’s people out there fighting for there life because they don’t feel good about themselves they aren’t happy, no one is happy at this time. NO ONE!!!!

Us girls get judged for what we wear, we get called “sluts”, “Attention Whores”, all these things because they don’t like what we wear. I have a tough time liking my own body, no girl should be standing in front of the mirror crying because they don’t like the way they look. No girl should be starving herself because she wants to be skinnier. Starving yourself is never something to do. You don’t just make yourself skinny, you make yourself lose your energy, you don’t want to get out of bed, you get tired easily. I will be honest, I tried doing that, and it didn’t work. I didn’t want to get out of bed.

You know how many people wake up and don’t want to be here?

You know how many girls suffer from so many things and NO ONE cares?

Some of you parents need to take the time and realize your kid isn’t ok, you need to realize that school doesn’t always need to come first, mental health should always come first. Kids are failing, YES they are! WE have SO much to deal with right now. You parents act like you understand but you just Do Not. We have to wake up every morning and listen to our teachers yelling at us about how we aren’t doing this and this right. Kids are always questioning themselves. Asking “What am I doing right?”

People are behind social media telling people to kill themselves, telling kids they aren’t good enough, kids are getting made fun of. We are ALL insecure, there is no reason to say what another person is insecure about.

Y’all may think it’s “funny” to laugh at someone for something that they already don’t like about themselves. It is not funny at all!

I get told things that make me just want to never go out in public. This needs to stop. There is no reason for all the making fun of others.

I love you all, and you are all gorgeous!!

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