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What Is BadAssMoms? Read Our Mission To EMPOWER!

Support. Empower. Strengthen.

We ARE #Badassmoms and I am Courtney Fernandez and welcome to our Official Launch of #BADASSMOMS Blog!

You know, what I originally had planned to say and start off this launch changed over the weekend. I saw a quote that I truly found to be profound in its Simplicity and so applicable to Who We Are and what we are here to do. 


Think about it. How simplistically complex that statement is. 

Here’s what I mean. 

Aren’t we, as Moms … that flower? We WILL bloom. Rest assured, everyone one of us WILL “bloom” and at the same time, aren’t WE that complex? WHEN and how we bloom is largely up to us, as individuals, as MOMs, as wives, as single parents, as parents with partners, but as MOMs, we will … WILL … bloom.

Perhaps not the way or when others expect it … demand it … or wish we would, but no doubt, in our own time, we WILL bloom.

Think of the comparisons. As MOMS, are we not the flowers that bring forth the seeds to new life? 

Without our well defined and strong roots, can there be any endurance to our families? 

Without the growth of that flower, can we lift up others up to, or beyond, us?

Do we not use our growth, our perspective, our experiences to show our children, our lovers, those others around us, what we see, from our perspective, from our vantage point, about how things might look different to others who don’t see what we see?

If knowledge is the true source of power, then isn’t it a human requirement to hear and see as much as we can ... even if we don’t agree or believe in it?

So true, then, when we fail the most, is when we don’t let others see or share in our “bloom”, isn’t it?

Well, no more.

Spread the word, it’s time for all of us BADASSMOMS to enjoy OUR bloom, each of us, individually, in our time, and we are here to …

Support. Empower. Strengthen.

As MOMs, whether our adoring men like it or not, we are not simply the Genesis or nucleus of a family, but the real vehicle and means by which it is created … and more importantly, sustained. We create the depth of the emotions and raise up the aspirations of all around us. 

Now, certainly, there are some privileges that we enjoy that the male world does not. After all, would any of us trade the feeling of the very first heartbeat of our children, before anyone else …even in the medical community … knows it is even there? Of course not. We also enjoy the luxury of those first nine months of sharing that Life with our children that no one else does or can. We get that special bond only a MOM has. 

On the other hand, we enjoy the “ luxury” (and I’m using the “air quotes” ladies) of not another moment of silence in our worlds after they take their first breath!

Being serious again, though, and to my obvious point is that, as MOMs, we become a universe unto ourselves and like that flower, nothing is going to stop us from blooming unless … it is us. 

Every one of you knows what is going on in our world today. We even delayed our Launch with respect to, and for, it.

At the same time, we are part of a new movement that the entire world is seeing. The need to be broader in the vistas that we see with our eyes and deeper in our understandings of what others are experiencing in life. Like the flower, nature can throw some powerful forces against us that might make the struggle to bloom or the time to bloom more difficult … but no matter what … that flower … WE … WILL bloom … and nothing is going to stop it … or us!

And if I have anything to do with it, NOTHING is going to stop you, either, and BADASSMOMS is here to support, empower, and strengthen you and your family.

So let’s talk about today: Everyone in our position yes, your position, knows how difficult it can be. There is no such thing as a perfect life and I would be foolish to ever speak of such. (Don’t get me wrong, I was raised believing in Cinderella and wished, prayed, and even believed in it for years. Then the real world showed itself to me, I tasted my own blood in my mouth, and became … let’s call it … “ enlightened”.)

At the same time, and as much as I wish I had a wand to wave over your head like a fairy godmother and make all of your life’s problems go away or instantly get better, I would be horribly unkind to wish for such a life for you. It doesn’t exist.

What does exist is empowerment. YOUR empowerment.

So, to help, and while I don’t have a magical wand,  I DO have some magical friends. Some who have seen terrific success, some who have overcome Indescribable adversity, and candidly, some who have not overcome adversity but are currently in the midst of trying to find their way out even as I speak. They … we … I … am here to support, empower, and strengthen you in your own time to blossom.

So, starting today, I would like to begin by introducing you to some of my magical friends if, for no other reason, have them share with you their times of blossoms, or times to come, and let you know you will never be alone, you will never be without help, you will never be without support, but most importantly, you will never be without power … to find your time to blossom.

I love being a MOM!


Love, BadAssMoms

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