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Tiger Gomez...BADASSMOM of The Month May

May is the perfect month to feature this Bad Ass woman, Tiger Gomez. It is a time to reflect on a season passed, and celebrate the arrival of everything new. That describes Tiger today. Her story is not unfamiliar to many women, but its uniqueness has made her into a fierce trailblazer. Her journey is arduous, exciting and a tribute to the human spirit. She has arrived strong, vibrant, and most of all resilient. She has learned much, and shares her truth authentically. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, not born but raised, Tiger is a tomboy at heart. She played softball and tennis all over the state until the discovery of boys took her attention. She started modeling at 15. Things took off quite quickly. She worked as a bikini model for years in NY and Miami until burn out set in. She switched professions for awhile to makeup artist and stylist. Then she began working as a photographer while living in Atlanta. This move changed the game. Tiger is now a professional photographer in the Beauty and Fashion Industry with an elite client list and portfolio. She has worked all over the world, shooting collections in Europe and working for Guess. Her passion took her to Los Angelos where she further established her career and enjoyed a lavish California lifestyle. She had fabulous friends, influential invites and hot celebrity romances. She lived large, and loved hard. She relished all the West Coast had to offer with no regrets. Her life was rich and full. Then that part of us, that “I want safe, I need secure” part of us showed up. Tiger met her husband and conceived her daughter in Venice, CA. Not seeing a path in LA to raise a daughter, she moved back to Atlantic Beach with her new family. She had hopes of love and support from extended family, but those hopes diminished as things changed through divorce, deaths, moves and the like. Their marriage suffered too. To others, they lived the American dream. Big beach house, big careers and big smiles, that was the picture anyway. As time moved on, the relationship unraveled and the couple separated and later divorced. Her ex left town, leaving Tiger doing life as a single mother. She felt stuck, depressed and unable to find her way out. Her business came nearly to a halt. She scraped by with small jobs and marital remains. It was 2008. Raising a child alone, with mounting bills, and dashing dreams, Tiger dug deep and did the hard work of creating a normal, stable life for the two of them. Her daughter is and always will be the love of her life. She decided to stay local, to keep her daughter in her home and community, regardless of the personal cost. She put her personal and professional goals on hold. She did this by choice, by not without struggle. The days were hectic, and the nights were often lonely, but her commitment to motherhood never wavered. Tiger’s daughter is 19 now, traveling between Hawaii and California, and making her own mark on the world. She is thriving in every way. Truly, she is her pride and joy. Having Tiger as mom and mentor, gave her daughter all the perseverance and determination a girl needs. These women don’t quit on themselves or each other. She shares, “Knowing my daughter is strong and good and kicking ass out there makes all my sacrifices worth it.” Now, it is Tiger’s time. She is simply free. She is happy and whole; free to live, create, love and dream exactly how she chooses. Her slate is clean, her heart open and her possibilities endless. Keep your eye out for this Bad Ass woman! She is taking back time. She is a force in her industry, bringing brilliant people with her in pursuit. She is poised for this chapter, she is at the gate; ready for life, love and all the adventures along the way. You can connect with Tiger at: or Instagram: @tigergomez_

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