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What do you think about 2020?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

This is a discussion that is so taboo at this time. However, I am a little confused. Are we, as a Nation, still threatened by Slavery? YES … YES, we are! Yet, it is not only for the one that has captured the headlines of recent date. To some, the protest celebrates something that ended over 100 years ago but to others, it remains with us to date... I will let the historians debate that fact.

 I am talking about addressing slavery amongst those who can’t protect themselves. Our children are now threatened by slavery and the type I am talking about is Sex Slavery. 

Have you heard of child trafficking? That is just the politically correct term for sex trade which in essence is a slave. Girls are being abducted and sold for sex and locked in cages … oh and if that child is lucky she will have a cot to sleep on.

 There is no color that is chosen over another, black, white, Hispanic, or any race is taken from their parents and SOLD.. yes SOLD. 

So, when we are having discussions on Slavery in 2020, let’s talk about what really is happening. 

Please don’t think for a minute I am not sympathetic for the Protests that are happening right now, because I am. I just don’t think I can sit back and not discuss the issues with why we are not talking about the children. It’s the lives that we asked to be here, it was not their choice to be born. It is our responsibility to protect them.

 So many of us sit back and say... That will never happen to our child? Guess what? It can. We have to stand up for them and make changes and bring awareness to this issue.

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