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Ready to take on 2021 ONLY AS A BADASS

The Bleachers

This past year both my boys went all in with Baseball…..Unfortunately for Tarq, he broke both his arms within a two month period, and was forced to sit out. However, Hudson, was ALL in!

It all started with Rookie ball, and a few practices a month, and one game a weekend.

Boy did that change when we were asked if Hudson would like to play with the AllStar team. At first, I was thinking NOWAY in hell am I going to spend every waking moment at the baseball field. Don’t get me wrong...growing up in a very athletic home as a child, it was a dream of mine to have my boys be athletic and LOVE the game of baseball.

Everything changed at our first practice with the team.

We showed up and I don’t know who was more nervous about being there.. Me or Hudson. Huds immediately ran out on the field and was right at home. Me on the other hand took my seat on the bleachers and knew that most of the moms had been together for a long time and I was suddenly the “new girl”.

Well, my feelings of nervousness quickly passed when the coolers started coming up and all the parents were showing up with wagons and smiles for miles. I was greeted and welcomed with open arms.

Now the bleachers are our new home. It’s a place where I take my seat and have the most incredible baseball family and LOVE spending every waking moment. Weekends filled with tournaments that are 14 hour days and memories that will last a lifetime, A car full of stinky boys, and those cups they have to wear..well that wasn’t something I knew much they are all over my house. Equipment everywhere, baseballs being thrown against my newly painted house suddenly doesn’t bother me.

Those bleachers are not just uncomfortable seats… They are a place where we sit and watch our kids play a game they love, they are a place where moms come together and have talks about so many different topics. We are now helping each other with issues we are having at work, home, school, and of course the game.

This beautiful group of parents are now a second family to me.

So when you think about your weekends being lost at the fields with your kids… Think about the family you will be a part of..

When you think about how uncomfortable those bleachers are… think about what they will forever mean to you when you child runs out on the field with the biggest smile and smacks that ball, slides into home base and everyone gets up and hugs each other.. No matter who’s child gets there is always a GROUP hug with this group.

I would like to say Thank you to all these beautiful women have taught me so much in the short amount of time we have been together.. I will forever feel grateful for the warm welcome and will forever cherish all our time together.

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