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Preparing for returning to school

So many questions are circulating about returning to school in the midst of a National Pandemic. 

Trust me when I say that I have lost many nights of sleep and my nails constantly need a manicure from biting and picking. 

My final conclusion is… I am so very thankful that we have options … I am so very Thankful that teachers are willing to go back and risk their health to make sure our children are getting the proper education. We have to trust our inner feelings as the parents of our young ones. Not one of us would risk harm to our children. So, take a deep breath and trust yourself. You got this!!!

If you are anything like me in thinking … I just don’t have the patience to teach my kids … 8-year-old twin boys… yah right!!! LOL! 

Children are built on boundaries and structures. The everyday flippant attitudes that we as parents are having with the unknown is not healthy, not just for our children, but for us as parents. 

Things we need to focus on is Cyberbullying and depression. Right now children are on their electronics more than ever before. They are watching everything that is happening in our world. We need to keep things positive for them in our homes, let them know that we are here protecting them and that spreading love and cheer is what this world needs right now. 

Choose LOVE... Choose POSITIVITY... Choose TRUST in YOU

Please write to us and let us know your questions, fears, or helpful tips about returning to school.

Our next Blog will be a Q&A of all your questions and helpful tips.


Courtney & all of us at 904badassmoms

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