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As an Atlantic Beach native, I graduated from Fletcher High and Florida State College at Jacksonville with a degree in Culinary arts and Culinary management.I started my family in 2008 when my first of two sons was born. Leiam teaches me about compassion and new innovative ways to tackle parenting. My youngest son came in 2011. Reily and I share a passion of sports. He was diagnosed with a seizure condition in 2015, so for him being able to participate is a blessing! We have found our home and baseball family with the Atlantic Beach Athletic Association.Reily is the catcher for a couple of the Atlantic beach baseball teams.

Leiam has shown to be his brother’s keeper.In times of uncertainty, the boys have before my very eyes blossomed into caring young men. My sons are my reason and driving force for turning my love of food into my career! Raising them as a single mom, I want to instill the knowledge and compassion for life that my Nana passed to my older sister and I. Growing up if we wanted things, my older sister and I had to earn them.So, I started working at fifteen. I worked in customer service,fine dining exclusive resorts and in restaurant management. I’ve been on kitchen brigades and worked dish-pits too.My go-get-them attitude and work ethic were instilled by my mother, who raised my sister and I on her own. I love to share my passion for food with friends and family any chance I get . My main objective is to bring people together through my love and knowledge of food. This was so deeply rooted in me by my late Nana. I spent my formidable years learning how to grocery shop and cook on a stool next to her, while my mother worked two and three jobs to support my sister and me. I was lucky enough as a child to get to travel with my Nana to visit Rio De Janerio,Brazil. I learned about what real poverty was and how fortunate of a life I was provided.Also, I learned about my family’s history and culture. Visiting a Third-World country for me was very eye-opening and gave me a new appreciation for my quality of life. Services include, but are not limited to, catering for intimate groups and large crowds, personal shopping, and meal prep. I have extensive experience with teaching and coaching cooking techniques frommulticultural cuisines and practicing healthy eating habits. Taking the stress off of event planning is how I have survived and provided for my family. I am super thankful to have this opportunity to work with Courtney and 904 Badass Moms to reach out to the local community and have a new platform on which to help launch my small business. I’m well versed in sourcing seasonal and local ingredients. Working with food sensitivities and allergies is a vital component for my clients. We can do all or minimal preparation for events. Services can include teaching sessions, wine paring options, set up, and clean up.

Thanks again to Courtney with 904 Badass Moms.When your ready to plan your next event contact Chef Jenn through email or 9046540921 for all of your culinary needs. Services start at $30 an hour and will be tailored to specific event needs.

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