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If you are interested in being apart of our movement either for #BadAssMoms or #LilBadAzzss send us an email for BadAssMoms and for LilBadAzzss and attach a short bit about yourself and why you would love to be apart of our community. 
We can not wait to read all of them.
We will also be choosing a few to publish if you approve. 
Serious Inquires ONLY!
& #LilBadAzzss

Meet Roberta


Roberta is a wife, athlete, and mother of two. She is also a plant saver and lover of the beach. Roberta is passionate about helping others become happier and healthier versions of themselves. She believes that we are all created the same. Roberta is a total BadAssMom and is proud to say so! 

Meet Paulina


Paulina Perez Makeup Artistry is a professional hair and makeup company based in Jacksonville, FL And working everywhere. Paulina Perez’s work has been seen on some of the most respected shows and networks in television. Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, 48 Hours, Dateline NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and TSN. Paulina has also personally done makeup for television broadcasts at the NBA Finals and The Stanley Cup. Some of her past clients include Golfer Jordan Spieth and his Under Armour campaign, Nike Air Jordan with Jalen Ramsey, KetoLogic with Tim Tebow, golfer Jim Furyk, country singer Clint Black, and President of Carnival Cruise Lines, Christine Duffy. She has worked on national ad campaigns for Wal-Mart, and internationally for Pioneer Electronics. Paulina has worked with many prominent political clients, including Beto O’Rourke and Senator Lindsey Graham. In January, 2012, Paulina did makeup for the United States Presidential Debate, working on Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and the CNN anchors, including debate moderator Wolf Blitzer. She has worked New York Fashion Week, the Miami Fashion Weeks and worked on location in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, Hawaii, and London.


Outside of work, Paulina has volunteered time with many worthy organizations, including raising the money to travel to South Africa, aiding the growth of local infrastructure and in the construction of an orphanage. Finally, Paulina was personally responsible for Section 16 of Florida HB 887, signed by the Governor in April, 2012 which allows licensed cosmetologists to perform makeup services on location, which had previously been illegal. Now, Paulina and her team are free to bring their special blend of luxury and artistry everywhere!

Meet Melody


Melody had hit every milestone she had ever dreamed of: a great career, husband, kids, a home. And yet, she was lost, unhappy, and disconnected from her true, authentic self due to a profound lack of self love and self care. She was taking care of everyone and everything -- except herself.


Melody desperately needed a bold, beautiful daily reminder to choose, honor and remember herself. So she created one. This is how the very first Self Love Pinky Ring came to be. Melody never set out to start a business. She set out to change her own life. Since this was the biggest commitment of her lifetime, she wanted it to be as significant in style as an engagement ring. She wore it on a finger she had never worn a ring on before, her pinky, because she wanted this ring to make a bold statement that was instantly recognizable.


Within a month, Melody felt herself and her life transforming. Each day, her Self Love Pinky Ring inspired her to engage in self discovery, to spend time nurturing her mind, body and soul, and to learn how to truly love all parts of herself. She thought to herself, "If this worked for me, maybe it can work for other women as well." And so, Melody created Fred and Far, a brand where every detail is imbued with my heart and passion for empowering women.


In less than two years, women in 40+ countries joined her in making a pinky promise to choose themselves each and every day. They signed the pinky pledge card boldly shared their commitments with the world. And through social media platforms and the brand’s website, Melody has had the great privilege of witnessing these extraordinary women, sharing their stories, and cultivating a powerful community of women who believe that self love and sisterhood will save the planet (because they will).


Making a purchase on her website, or any purchase for that matter, isn't required to make self love part of your story. You simply have to decide that you're ready to choose yourself, and to do the daily work it takes to make self love and care a habit instead of a luxury. The Self Love Pinky Ring is designed to be a reminder and symbol of this commitment and our community. The magic though, the transformative change, that comes directly from you.


While a piece of jewelry played a central role in the launch and growth of this company, it is only one small piece of a much greater intention, mission, and movement. The first phase of this company was devoted to asking women to choose themselves. In 2019, Melody expanded into phase two of the company, which is about answering the question, "HOW, do I choose, love and care for myself?"


By publishing The ABCs of Self Love, Melody’s goal is to empower women to make self love and care an intrinsic and actionable part of everyday life. The book includes everything she has learned at the helm of this movement, and also on her own personal self love journey. It is designed to be an easy read, where you can explore one letter a day through narrative text, inspiring quotes, and practical action items that transform ideas into habits.


Melody invites you to join her Self Love Movement and experience the magic that choosing yourself will bring to your life, and into the lives of everyone around you, because self love fuels all love. Whether you are married, single, or at any point in between or beyond, you belong here. 

Meet Soulful My'a

soulful picture.jpeg

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I have always been somewhat of a natural product lover! I pride myself on being this, curly-headed, messy bun on accident, "I don't know nothing about no makeup" type of girl!

It wasn't until I became pregnant in 2014 with my son, Monroe Legand, when I started to really think about the products I used in my hair and on y skin. As women, we tend to go through so many changes with our bodies and I wanted to make sure the products I was using were safe for both of us.

Inspired by the mason jar creations of trial and error recipes that I always forgot to write down; Soulful Organics was born!

I remember starting out and not buying into a business... I was simply happy to create something that seemed to work so well for so many people. 

Today, what was once a hobby has evolved into a professional-grade line of raw + Natural recipes for hair, beards, skin, and full body that include ingredients easy to pronounce and good enough to eat!

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