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About Us

What is 904badassmoms?


904badassmoms is a diverse group of women...

Are you a stay at home mom? career mom? entrepreneur? single mom? or are you a woman who is ready to be a mom but need guidance?

In our community, our goal is to create a place where anything is possible and failure is celebrated. Learning from your fellow badassmoms will provide each of us the tools to create success within ourselves, and others. Looking back you are not a quitter for changing paths to better yourself... YOU are evolving and becoming the BadAssMom you always dreamed you would be!

So wear this brand proud... this is for YOU too!

Let's break the cycle of the fear of the unknown and the emotional let down that lives deep inside of us. Let's do this together. We encourage YOU to join us...

To Support, Strengthen, and empower each other.




We also released a #LilBadAzzss brand be sure to stay up to date with the latest styles, podcats and be sure to have your little ones join the #LilBadAzzss MOVEMENT!



“If you know her, I'm sure you feel as lucky as I do to have Courtney as a part of my life-Its magical the way she makes it impossible to feel defeated. There's a gift she has in the way of shaking you out of a victim mentality that leaves you not feeling not only positive but, more importantly, empowered. A true friend that has not only been there for the good times but held a candle for me through the darkest.” 


—  Brandon Pate

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What Is BadAssMoms ? Watch Video Below.